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Binaree, Inc. (Headquarters)

STE#608 IT Convergence Bldg., 47 Gyeongdaero17-gil Buk-gu, Daegu, 41566, Republic of Korea

W.        T. +82-(0)53-291-5012       F. +82-(0)53-382-5012

Customer Support      T.+82-(0)53-939-5012      E.

Binaree Laboratory

STE#608 Daegu Techbiz Center, 16 Techno gongwon-ro Hyeonpung-eup Dalseong-gun, Daegu, 43017, Republic of Korea

Tel. +82-(0)53-939-5014

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Binaree Tissue Clerring Method


1. The micelles produced by the Binaree tissue clearing solution are much smaller than those

    made by Triton x-100 or SDS and are thus excellently permeable.

2. This method can preserve endogenous biomolecules and fluorescent proteins

     since organic solvent is not used.

3. This method is easy and readily reproducible.

4. All the structure including DNA and RNA is intact after tissue clearing procedure.

5. There is no difference in tissue size between before and after the procedure.

6. Mouse tissues in 1 mm in thickness needs only 6 h for tissue clearing.

7. It takes only 12 h to do tissue clearing procedure with whole brains from 24 month-mice with an accelleration kit

    (commercially available in Nov. 2021).

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