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[Binaree Tissue Clearing™ (BTC) Kit

1. BTC kit enables you to set up tissue clearing easily with no 

    dedicated equipment needed.


2. BTC kit gives you reproducible data because of the simple

    clearing process.      


3. Tissue structure is preserved after clearing by BTC kit.      


4. BTC kit is composed with non-organic solvent; thus it is not harmful.

For Tissue Clearing

For Immunostaining

Width 3 ㎜ × Hight 3 ㎜ × Depth 1 ㎜ : Unique Immuno-Staining Solution

EASY : control without preprocessing step

SIMPLE : protocol without dedicated equipment

INTACT : result without damages

This Kit promotes antibody penetration into thick tissues.

Optimized solution for Immuno-Staining without damage

For  Research Services

​(coming soon)