Binaree Tissue Clearing™ Kit (High Resoluion)

Optimized solution for tissue clearing without damage

[Cat. No. HRTC-001]

KIT contained components

  1. Starting Solution                                           30 ㎖

  2. Tissue Clearing Solution                             30 ㎖

※ Mounting & Storage Solution (Cat. No. SHMS-060) is not included in Binaree Tissue clearing Kit (HRTC-001). Only the Starter's Kits (HRTC-101) contain the Mounting & Strorage Solution.

Key Features

1 Week for clearing & Imaging

EASY control without preprocessing step

SIMPLE protocol without dedicated equipment

INTACT result without damages


Binaree Tissue clearing VS Claritu in Thy -1

[8 weeks old Thy-1 transgenic mouse brain]

 by Binaree Tissue Clearing Kit 

by Clarity method


Cerebral Blood Vessels visualized with Lectin-488

Protocol of Binaree Mouse Brain Clearing 

Protocol of Mouse Brain Clearing

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[Seminar] Tissue clearing method

Leaflet of Binaree Tissue Clearing  Kit

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