Binaree Tissue Clearing for immunostaining Product Line-up

※Optimized solution for tissue clearing without damage

※ Mounting & Storage Solution (Cat. No. SHMS-060) is not included in Binaree Tissue clearing Kit (HRTI-001).

   Only the Starter's Kits (HRTI-101) contain the Mounting & Strorage Solution.

Binaree Tissue Clearing™ Kit

(High Resoluion)

20EA of 1mm thickness

[Not included MS-sol]

Binaree Tissue Clearing™ Solution  

(High Resolution)-100ml

32EA of 1mm thickness

[TC for Immunostaining ONLY]

Binaree Tissue Clearing™ Starter`s Kit 

(High Resoluion)

8EA of 1mm thickness

Binaree Tissue Clearing™ Solution  

(High Resolution)-300ml

96EA of 1mm thickness

[TC for Immunostaining ONLY]


Key Features

 -Applicable for mammalian thick tissues.

 -The kit can be used for immunostaining for a part or the whole of mammalian tissues. 

 -The kit can also be used for organoids and spheroids. 

W3 x H3 X D1

W 3 ㎜ × H 3 ㎜ × Depth 1 ㎜ 

Unique Immuno-Staining Solution


control without

preprocessing step


 result without damages


protocol without

dedicated equipment

 Tipping point technology for BINAREE TISSUE CLEARING   KIT for Immunostaining

   1. The kit enables you to set up tissue clearing for immunostaining easily with no dedicated equipment needed

      and no complicated steps. 

   2. The kit can be compatible with standard immunostaining procedures. 

   3. The kit promotes antibody penetration into thick tissues.

   4. The kit is composed with non-organic solvent; thus it is not harmful.

[Simplified tissue clearing and immunostaining workflow]


Tissue Cleairng





- After clearing, perform the standard immunostaining procedure.

- Perform permeabilization step (Triton, NP40, Tween 20, DMSO, etc). 

- Stain with primary antibody, wash, stain with secondary antibody.

-Binaree Tissue Clearing™ Kit for Immunostaining enables you to set up tissue clearing easily

 and can be with standard immunostaining. 

 Our kit promotes antibody penetration into the tissue.


-Suitable sample thickness: The tissue clearing kit can be used with tissues of thickness ranging from thin tissue sections

 up to whole organs (depending on the antibody). We recommend a tissue of 1-3 mm thickness. 

[Imaging Process]

- Confocal and light sheet microscopes are often suitable for 3D imaging of cleared tissues.

- Take images within 7 days after the clearing for best results.

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