Binaree Tissue clearing™ Kit

for Immunostaining 

(Thickness 1mm)

  • This Kit promotes antibody penetration into thick tissues.

  • Optimized solution for Immuno-Staining without damage

Cat. No. HRTI-001

KIT contained components

  1. Starting Solution                                          60 ㎖

  2. Tissue Clearing Solution A                         30 ㎖

  3. Tissue Clearing Solution B                         30 ㎖

※ Mounting and Storage Solution (Cat. No. SHMS-060) is not included in Binaree ImmunoStaining Kit (HRTI-001). Only the Starter's Kit (HRTI-101) contain the Mounting & Storage Solution.

 Key Features   

Width 3 ㎜ × Hight 3 ㎜ × Depth 1  : Unique Immuno-Staining Solution

EASY control without preprocessing step

SIMPLE protocol without dedicated equipment

INTACT result without damages

Immunohistochemistry results of the clarified 3 mm depth brain by Binaree Immuno-Staining Kit (3 mm depth)

Figure is an image showing the fluorescence of Glutamic acid decarboxylase67-GFP (GAD 67-GFP) and the fluorescence of neuron (Anti-NeuN-Alexa Fluor555) in the dentate gyrus using 20X objective lens. 

Immunostaining results of Aquaporin-2 (AQP2, sc-515770) tubules in clearing mouse kidney using Binaree Immuno-Staining Kit (1 mm depth).

Image of mouse brain showing astrocytes (red, GFAP, Z-O334) and blood vessels (green, Lectin) using Binaree Immuno-Staining Kit. Astrocytes wrap blood vessels within mouse brain to form the blood-brain-barrier. 

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