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Welcome to the Binaree's DemoKit Program

We appreciate your interest in the Binaree Tissue Clearing products Binaree, Inc. offers the free demokit (included the tissue clearing solution and the mounting solution suitable for the volume of one whole mouse brain) for first-time user

How to get the demokit

1. Please fill out the form and submit. waiting the receipt message on this page until 30 seconds
2. We will send the email to you within 7 days.

Note: Cannot be combined with other discounts or promotions. Offer void where prohibited, licensed, or restricted by federal, state, provincial, or local laws or regulation or agency/institutional policy. Other restrictions may apply.

Program Contact Point
If you have any question about the program, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Email address:

Please put "[DemoKit]" in the title for quick processing.

DemoKit type: Check one. Please check the product detail from product menu

Applied from:

The BRTC series DemoKit applicant can use the Rapid system for a week free.

1.  APPLICANT INFORMATION: Please tell us about yourself.

Highest Degree (Check all that apply):


Q1. Have you ever finished the tissue clearing? (any kinds of method)

Q2. What kinds of tissue clearing method do you know? (Check all)

Q3. What kinds of tissue clearing method do you use? (Check all)

3. PURPOSE OF TISSUE CLEARING INFORMATION: Please tell us about your research

Q4. Purpose of your tissue clearing?

Q5. Sample Type (Name of animal and tissue)

Q6. Will you do the immunostaining with tissue clearing? 

Q7. Microscope type (Check all that use with tissue clearing)

Q8. Advisor’s Name  (if you have)


Thank you!
We will send the receipt email to you within 10 mins.

Submit and waiting the message until 30 seconds.

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