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HRTC-012 Binaree Tissue Clearing Kit
Binaree® Tissue Clearing™ Kit
Product Code: HRTC-012
HRTC-012 is an ideal kit for deep tissue clearing of 3-dimensional high-resolution imaging. It is simple as a clearing process, intact as preservation of cell structure, non-harmful as no organic solvent-based, and reproducible-no special equipment. It shows a low fluorescence loss rate known as low fluorescence quenching after clearing compared to the typical tissue clearing methods. 

- Now, you can do the multiple-purpose tissue clearing with HRTC-012 and Mounting Solution: various tissue types and immuno-staining.
- Improve clearing speed for the immuno-staining: HRTC-012 is faster than the previous HRTI product in the clearing process for immuno-staining. e.g., In 1㎜ depth sample, the previous HRTI product takes 6 days, but the new HRTC-012 takes 1 day.

1. Tissue Clearing solution A: 30㎖
2. Tissue Clearing solution B: 60㎖
Remark: This Kit does not contain Mounting solution.
 We recommend that you also order the Mounting Solution(HRMO-006) at the same time.
Previous Products
If you used the discontinued products as below, you can use HRTC-002 instead of them. The 'x' mark means a number.
- Tissue clearing products: HRTC-xxx, HROC-xxx, SRSC-xxx, SHTC-xxx, SHOC-xxx, SHSC-xxx
- Tissue clearing for immunostaining products: HRTI-xxxx, HROI-xxx, HRSI-xxx, SHTI-xxx, SHOI-xxx, SHSI-xxx
Binaree offers the 3D Biological imaging services with HRTC-012 and Mounting Solution(HRMO-006) as below;
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