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Binaree® Tissue Clearing Rapid™
Product Code: BRTC-001, BRTC-002, BRMO-006, BDTC-003
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Binare Tissue Clearing (Rapid) is the rapid tissue clearing system for the large volume sample. You can finish a whol mouse brain tissue clearing  in 6 hours. Available in Spring 2023.

Compare the tissue clearing times
Cleared samples
- Rapid clearing : a whole zebrafish brain 1 hour, mouse brain 6 hours,  rat brain 48 hours.
- Automatic control: tissue clearing adaptive programmed powered supply. siple panel for process
- Adaptive for large sample: the porous support is structured to cope with the change in size
                                                   during clearing.
- Protect your markers: automatic temperature control. non-organic based Binaree Tissue Clearing Technology

Relative Products
1. Binaree Tissue Clearing Rapid Solution Brain - BRTC-001 
Binaree Tissue Clearing Rapid Solution Brain   60 ml
2. Binaree Tissue Clearing
Rapid Solution - BRTC-002                  (for non-brain)
Binaree Tissue Clearing Rapid Solution    60 ml
3. Binaree Tissue Clearing Rapid Mounting Solution - BRMO-006
Binaree Tissue Clearing Monting Solution    60 ml
4. Binaree Tissue Clearing Rapid System - BDTC-003
5. Binaree Tissue Clearing Rapid Chamber - BDTC-003-CA             (replacement part)

Remark: - Rapid system and reagents do not work with passive type reagents   e.g.  HRTC-xxx, SHMS-xxx, HRMO-xxx, etc.

Purchase recommendation
Rapid System (BDTC-003) + Rapid Solution (BRTC-001 or BRTC-002) + Rapid Mounting (BRMO-006)
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