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[Closed] Meet Binaree X KVBM: 2023 Annual Meeting (Seoul, Korea)

Updated: Sep 18, 2023

Binaree, Inc. will open the promotion booth at The Annual Meeting of the Korean Society for Vascular Biology and Medicine(KVBM) in Seoul, the Republic of Korea. Binaree will show the Binaree® Tissue Clearing™, Binaree® Tissue Clearing Rapid™ and provides technical advice in the tissue clearing with the tissue clearing specialist.

바이나리가 2023 한국혈관학회에 홍보부스를 개설합니다. 바이나리 조직투명화와 바이나리 조직투명화 래피드 제품을 전시하고 조직투명화와 관련된 기술상담이 진행될 예정입니다.


- Introduce the Binaree® Tissue Clearing Rapid™ (available in now) read more...

- Applications of 3D Advanced Biological imaging by the tissue clearing.

*Promotions on booth

- Free Demokit

- Rapid promotion (buy the reagents use the Rapid system free)

The tissue clearing specialists from Binaree Laboratory will join to the booth and give technical advice of deep tissue clearing and imaging.

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