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[Closed] Meet Binaree X KSBMB 2019 (Jeju, Korea)

Binaree, Inc. opens the promotion booth at the KSBMB International Conference 2019 in ICC Jeju, Jeju island, Korea. Binaree shows Binaree Tissue Clearing™ Kit. It is easy control with high reproducibility, simple protocol without dedicated equipment, intact result with minimum damages. And one more thing in this year, Binaree launched the Binaree Research On Demand™. This is a contract research services (CRS) from the consulting of planning to analysis of 3D biological imaging with the tissue clearing & immunostaining by the expert of Binaree laboratory.

Meet Binaree X KSBMB Internetional Conference 2019!

- Exhibition of KSBMB Internetional Conference 2019!

- Binaree's Exhibition Date : 3 June - 4 June, 2019

- Venue : ICC JEJU, Jeju island, Republic of Korea

- Booth #: 108 (1F Event Hall, near the poster area)

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