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[Closed] Meet Binaree X BIO 2019 (Philadelphia, USA)

Binaree, Inc. opens the promotion booth at the BIO 2019 International Convention in Pennsylvania Convention Center, Philadelphia, PA, USA. Binaree shows the analysis solutions by Binaree Tissue Clearing™ & ImmunoStaining technological platform. It can make visible by tissue clearing & immunostating, what you could not see the traditional blot of 2 Demensional biological images. Binaree also show the analysis solution for the drug to overcome the Blood Brain Barrier(BBB).

Binaree launched the Binaree Research On Demand™. This is a contract research services (CRS) from the consulting of planning to analysis of 3D biological imaging with the tissue clearing & immunostaining by the expert of Binaree laboratory.

Meet Binaree X BIO 2019 Int'l Convention

- Exhibition of BIO 2019 Int'l Convention

- Binaree's Exhibition Date : 3 June - 6 June, 2019

- Venue : Pennsylvania Convention Center, Philadelphia, PA, USA.

- Booth #: 1701 in Korean Pavilion(K-3) by KOTRA. (in front of Business Forum)

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