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[Closed] Meet Binaree X KVBM 2022 (Busan, the Repubic of Korea)

Updated: Dec 5, 2022

Binaree, Inc. will open the promotion booth #13 at the 2022 Annual Meeting of the Korean Society for Vascular Biology and Medicine (KVBM) 2022 in Busan, the Republic of Korea. Binaree will show the Binaree Tissue Clearing Techonology;

You can get the technical advice of deep tissue clearing with vasculars and imagings.

*Highlights: - Introduce the Rapid tissue clearing system (available in Spring 2023) read more... - Applications of 3D Advanced Biological imaging by the tissue clearing.

*Promotions (Click the link for more information)

- Free Demokit: Fill out the form and ask the demokit to the staff.

- Rapid system promotion: Pre-launching promotion. Fill out now, choose plan later.

- go-for-it campaign: Get free kits and technical support for 6 months.

Binaree booth # 13 (the marked site on the below floor map):

- Exhibition of the 2022 Annual meeting of the KVBM

- Binaree's Exhibition Date: 25 ~ 26 November, 2022

- Venue: BEXCO Exhbition Center 2 (3F), Busan, the Republic of Korea.

- Booth # 13 (Binaree Tissue Clearing)

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