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Tissue clearing technology makes tissue transparent, allowing you to visualize opaque organs and tissues in three dimensions.

High-resolution mapping of three-dimensional (3D) imaging of intact brains has been used as a viable approach to visualizing neuroanatomical data. In particular, these imaging allow the spatial location or overall morphology of cells of interest within tissue to be extended beyond the sculpted biological and medical information using time-consuming sectioning methods into holistic information. The recently developed tissue clearing technique combines with optical imaging equipment such as confocal and light-sheet microscopy and imaging programs to enable the identification of biological information in 3D directly without the need to collate 2D imagines.


Available for customized research. The kit can make immunostaining tissue as part or whole: Brain, Eye and Pancreas. Also available precisely. customized kit for Organoid and Spheroid. Tipping point technology for Immunostaining. Binaree ImmunoStainingTM Kit is the first commercial level solution for more than 1mm thickness sample in the world. It overcomes the technical limitation of the penetration and gets more specific biological results than before.

Contract Research Services

Unique 3D Biological Visualization Research

The 3D Biological imaging by the the tissue clearing & immunostaining helps making deduction that the traditional methods can not solve so that it can expand the research area.

Binaree Research On DemandTM is now available based on the world-class Binaree Tissue ClearingTM and Binaree ImmunoStainingTM technology.

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